Typically, I enjoy reading pieces from Thought Catalog, but what showed up in my Facebook Newsfeed today is just outrageous!

Red Lipsticl
Photo: Michael Pemberton


I find most posts from Thought Catalog insightful and humorous most of the time, but this post titled "8 Things Men Will Always Find Attractive In Women (True Version)" [*note: some of the language he uses may be offensive] is a disgusting, misogynistic mess! Now, I have no doubt that these are the true feelings of the writer of this piece, but I think lumping the preferences of all men into the same category, as this guy has done, is an injustice to great men everywhere. A few of the writers key points include wide hips, red lips and a slim waist. He also suggests that all men want a women with maternal instincts because it is this that separates a woman of interest from "the antithesis of the typical feminist qualities" as he puts it.

This guy also apparently likes submissive women, and thinks all men do too.

Men have always been the dominant sex—men’s largely superior upper-body strength has made any other balance of power impossible... They don’t like feeling “above” their men. This is evident in the fact that women tend to want to marry partners who make more money than they do.... A woman acting submissive around a man will reaffirm his protector and provider instincts, making him both feel better about both himself and her.

Wait! What? Are you kidding me? What kind of overly testosteroned line of crap is this? Again, I have no doubt that the writer feels this way or even that some men feel this way, but to suggest that all men want a submissive, helpless mate is insulting both to women, and to the men who are actually man enough to handle a strong, independent woman.

I will skip over the crash and abrasive look that he takes at women's breasts and back-sides, but I will stop on his eighth and final point, Beauty.

Beauty is, contrary to popular belief, NOT in the eye of the beholder. There are very specific ratios and features that determine facial beauty across cultures... Actually, scratch that—lucky for you, men’s standards are not very high, so any hoglike women out there reading this, there’s hope for you.

What is wrong with this man? For a "True Version" of what men find attractive, I think he is way off base. With expectations like these, the writer of this piece had better look like a Greek God and make 8 figures a year in his spare time when he isn't rescuing kittens from burning trees or helping old ladies across the street. Of course, I can't tell what he looks like from his Thought Catalog account because he does not have a photo, but I can tell you that judging from his other articles, [again you may be offended as some of his language is NSFW] this guy likely spends a great deal of time alone in his mothers basement wishing that he could get a date.

Ladies, what do you think about this? Does it destroy your hope for humanity? Do you want to hug your little boys tighter and teach them how to appreciate a real woman? Leave a comment and let me know.

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