It's OK to Run Like a Girl
Leave it to a maxi pad company to come up with a commercial that is actually inspiring and reminds us what is should mean to do things "like a girl."
Fertile Women More Competitive
Being good-looking may be beneficial to a woman’s career—unless her boss is also an attractive female, as new research finds that women at the peak of their fertility tend to hold a sharper competitive edge toward other women they find attractive.
What Women Look At When They Meet A Guy [VIDEO]
This is an interesting social experiment... Cosmo for Guys sent a guy out on the street equipped with cameras to capture where women would look while talking to him for the first time.
I have never put much thought into where I look when I meet a guy for the first time...
A Video Apology to Women From the Men of the World [VIDEO]
Dear Women of the World,
For too long, we men have taken you for granted. At times we have even diminished your role in history in order to make ourselves look better. As you know, we men have great difficulty in expressing our feelings or even more so, admitting when we are wrong. Fortunately, our c…

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