When Kanye West started work on his latest music video, it seems he was leaning more towards the artsy side of the music video world. The breakdown for the "Monster" video, which includes Jay Z and Niki Minaj? Zombie & Vampire models attack! It almost sounds like some late night B-rated horror movie right?

StyleCasterspoke with Taylor Warren, one of the models used for the video. Taylor, incidentally, is the decapitated head that Kanye holds while rapping a verse...

We got to this huge empty house in Yonkers and the director, Jake Nava, lined us up against the wall like a firing squad. He did Beyoncé’s video for Single Ladies, so I knew I was in good hands – and I was totally willing to put myself out there for a choreographed dance number! He came up to me and said, “you’ll be the headless woman,” and the next girl, “you’ll be a cadaver.” It was pretty awesome.

You're not going to find any booty-poppin' in this video. No next big dance craze either. What you are going to find are chicks hanging from the ceiling or dragging a body through the bottom of an empty pool. In fact at the very beginning of the video, Kanye offers up this disclaimer:

The following content is in no way to be interpreted as misongynistic or negative towards any groups of people. It is an art piece and shall be taken as such

Ok. So there you go. An "art piece". I guess now it's up to you to decide. Watch the video for "Monster" by Kanye West featuring Jay Z and Niki Minaj below.

PLEASE NOTE: The video contains STRONG LANGUAGE and CONTENT that may NOT be suitable for all viewers. 

Monster by Kanye West from FRANKUPDATES on Vimeo.

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