We all know that Justin Timberlake is an all around entertainer. He's a talented singer and songwriter and when given the opportunity to show off his acting chops, can play both the serious role and as we've seen from his multiple appearances on Saturday Night Live, can be laugh out loud funny.

Coming up tomorrow night, Justin will present the first ever Capitol One Cup on ESPN's annual awards show, the ESPY's. The Capital One cup is sponsored by Capitol One credit card company (duh!) and is awarded to one men's and one women's Division I college athletic program for "excellence in on-­field performance in Division I college sports" according to the official Facebook page.

To help hype the inaugural edition of this award, Capitol One shot a promo where Justin visits a college campus and tries out for nearly every sport offered. In the process, he takes a few shots to his "boy band" which as a guy I can tell you is not a pleasant experience when it happens to you. However, when it happens to someone else, it's freakin' hilarious! See for yourself:


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