Fans are still working day-and-night to decode the lyrics on JAY-Z's 4:44 album, which includes alleged shots at Kanye West on "Kill Jay Z." While the hip-hop community is hoping the two will be able to work through their differences, reports are surfacing that their beef may actually be over Yeezy's wife, Kim Kardashian.

According to Page Six, a source says that the two have had a rift in their friendship since West has been "forcing [his wife] Kim Kardashian" on Hov and his wife, Beyoncé. The source also elaborated on Kanye's concert rant last year, where he called out Queen Bey for her "fake shit," and Jay for not calling him.

“[Kanye’s] rant was really about Kim and Beyoncé not being BFFs. Kanye is frustrated that his wife does not have a better relationship with Beyoncé," the source states. "He wanted to put that pressure on Jay. It’s like, ‘We’re cool and we do business together, and now our wives should be friends?’"

Unfortunately, the Carters don't find the connection with Kim "organic," as the source reveals that Beyonce may not have much in common with the Kardashian sister.

“It’s not organic. It’s not real. Beyoncé is a Southern, God-fearing woman, despite what you may see when she’s entertaining," the source explained. "She may not have much in common with Kim."

Two sources also expand on what has probably been going through Jay's head since the rant, leading him to write the lyrics about Kanye on his 4:44 album. One source believes they may never repair their friendship, while another thinks that it's just a family matter that needs time to heal.

We'll have to see if Hov and Yeezy can repair their friendship, but for now, fans are certainly enjoying 4:44 in all of its glory.

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