Did you have a favorite book or book series growing up? What kind of stories were they - fantasy, mystery, sci-fi, comedy, or what? Have you ever wondered which is the most popular? Based on the number of books in the series and the huge box office numbers, it would be safe to assume that Harry Potter is at the top of the list. The "boy who lived" is popular for a lot of readers in America, but that series is NOT the most popular in Indiana.

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The Most Popular Children's Book Series in Indiana

If you're a fan of reading, you are probably familiar with ABC Mouse Early Learning Academy. The folks at ABC Mouse recently gathered Google trends and other online searches from the past 20 years to determine the most popular children's book series in each state. According to the data, the most popular series in Indiana is Diary of a Wimpy Kid. How fun is that?! The series from author Jeff Kinney topped the list in a total of seven states.


The Most Popular Children's Book Series in the Country May Surprise You

The data shows that the Harry Potter series is the most popular in seven states, which essentially puts it tied for third (with the Wimpy Kid series). The next most popular series is Captain Underpants, topping the list in nine states. The series that was most popular in 11 states (#1 on this report) may come as a surprise. It's a series that was published for over 70 years and included 175 stories - it's none other than the Nancy Drew Mystery Stories.

Visit ABCMouse.com to see the results for the rest of the country, along with a separate study that lists the most popular Dr. Seuss books in each U.S. state. The result for Indiana is a Dr. Seuss book I've never even heard of - Thidwick the Big-Hearted Moose.

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