Not that I need a special reason to eat cereal, but today is National Cereal Day! I know most people enjoy cereal for breakfast, but I could literally eat it for every meal. Confession time, whenever we have a busy day or don't feel like cooking, my family will happily grab our bowls and spoons and go to town on some Cheerios or Lucky Charms for dinner. I sure do wish boxes of cereal still had toys in them though.

I'm hosting my book club meeting this month, and we are going to have a cereal potluck. Every lady will bring their favorite flavor and we can all make however many little-tasting bowls we want. Cheap, easy and so much fun!

With so many different options from colorful and sugary to healthy whole grains, it got me thinking about what would win as the favorite in each state. A study presented by Zippia, had the answer. The top spot in Kentucky actually really surprised me.

Most Popular Cereal in Indiana

Hoosiers apparently go for a classic favorite that I feel like everyone enjoys. This cereal is listed as the favorite in 13 states making it the most popular overall in the U.S. I even saw a "mini" version at the grocery the other day which I thought was fun. "The Taste You Can See," Cinnamon Toast Crunch! All of that sweet and cinnamony (I know that's probably not a word but just go with it) goodness sparkles on swirly crunchy squares. Mmmm so good!

The Most Popular Cereal in Kentucky

This one totally surprised me! It's nostalgic for me personally; probably all of the other 90's babies will agree. Cookie Crisp makes it into our shopping cart every so often because I will never get tired of the tiny little chocolate chip cookies that go perfectly with milk. I know they claimed it was part of a balanced breakfast, but now that I'm a parent and have witnessed the sugar rush, I'm doubtful. However, I will always be down for a bowl of "Coooooooookie Crisp!" This commercial sends me right back in time.

I was also surprised to see that Lucky Charms didn't claim any top spots. One of my favorites is Raisin Bran, and while I know some people think it's gross, Missouri is all about it! You can see the full list of states and their favorite cereals here. 

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