The "Gateway to the Red River Gorge" is said to be extremely eerie to drive through.

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900-Feet Long, One Lane Wide

This tunnel almost gives me claustrophobia, because it's only big enough for ONE car at a time, and the inside of the tunnel looks like a cave.  Located in Red River Gorge, Kentucky is the Nada Tunnel, and people travel from all over, just to drive through the 900-foot tunnel.

Kentucky Tourism recently shared a post to Facebook about the tunnel, Here's what they have to say:

Have you ever driven through the Nada Tunnel? Located in Powell County Tourism Commission - Natural Bridge/Red River Gorge KY, this 900 foot long tunnel was opened in 1911. Only 13 feet tall, it served as a shortcut for logging trains for years before being paved and open to vehicles

Wide enough for only one car at a time, the tunnel is unofficially known as the Gateway to the Red River Gorge and is an iconic spot for many familiar with the area



Haunted Happenings

The tunnel is creepy for more reasons than its claustrophobic feel, the Nada Tunnel is said to be haunted.  In fact, Dangerous Roads named the Nada Tunnel, one of the "most haunted tunnels on Earth."   Local legends say you'll see a glowing green light in the tunnel at night.

This historic tunnel is located along Kentucky Route 77 (also known as Nada Tunnel Road). The unlit tunnel seems designed to intimidate drivers. It’s reportedly haunted by a climber who fell to his death in this area. Other sources claim is a former tunnel construction worker who died when a stick of dynamite exploded. Both of these stories are attributed to the legend that sometimes at night, a glowing green light is often seen in the tunnel.

Red River Gorge

Of course, if you want to check out the Nada Tunnel, you may as well also take the day to see the Red River Gorge.  There's SO much to do there.  According to it's an extremely popular site for climbing and rappelling because of its rock formations and sandstone arches.  However, if you aren't a climber there are still plenty of beautiful sites to take in when checking out the hiking trails around the area too.

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