When the only other athlete to have a similar endorsement deal is Michael Jordan, you've joined some elite company! Caitlin Clark became the first athlete other than MJ to secure a deal with basketball manufacturer Wilson.

According to Boardroom, Caitlin Clark has signed a multi-year partnership with Wilson and will have her own signature basketball collection. The only other athlete to have such a deal with the company was Michael Jordan in the 1980s. Wilson happens to be the official basketball of the WNBA since 2021, but Clark has been using a Wilson ball since she was a child. Boardroom reports that Clark shot with a black and gold Wilson ball in her driveway growing up. And you don't have to wait to grab Caitlin's first Wilson collab!

Clark's first Wilson basketball is available now on Wilson's website. The ball features the white and gold WNBA design with engravings marking some of Caitlin's record-breaking moments, including the logo three that helped her break the NCAA all-time scoring record!


The Caitlin Clark Wilson basketball retails for $49.95 but there are only a limited number available. The Wilson website prompts you to enter a draw or lottery, for a chance to purchase the basketball. You won't be charged unless you win the draw and a chance at Caitlin Clark's signature basketball!

You can choose from three different versions. Three's Up, Record Breaker, and Crowd Maestro. If you've ever dreamed of shooting hoops with Caitlin Clark in your driveway, this is as close as you're going to get!

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