UPDATE: ITV is currently not taking any more donations for Valentine until they know more about her treatment needs and prognosis.

Update on chocolate lab found last night with a wire around her muzzle. It was believed to be from a snare trap. We have named her Valentine. Thank you to everyone who have been working to save Valentine! Some loving and dedicated volunteers in Knox County rushed her to the emergency clinic last night. The great team at APEC were amazing in getting her the immediate care that she needed. She was transferred to our vet today after APEC closed and, unfortunately, her prognosis is poor. It appears that there is no blood circulation in her muzzle, which means that her skin below the area where the wire was will likely rot away. We are not giving up hope yet and we will know more tomorrow if there is anything that can done to save her. Her pain is being managed and she is hospitalized with the the great team at Hilltop Vet Services and Dr. Kennedy. We will post an update when we have it. At this time, we are not requesting anymore donations until we have a better understanding of her treatment needs and prognosis. We are requesting happy thoughts and prayers sent her way. If anyone knows whose dog this is or has any other information, please email us at info@itvrescue.org. Thank you!


ORIGINAL STORY: Please, please, please - before you go any further, please know that the headline of this article is not click bait...it is not a trick. If you scroll down, you are going to see some truly upsetting pictures of a dog's severe injuries. I like to think I have a pretty strong stomach, and I have a hard time seeing what happened to this sweet pup.


We have seen animals come to It Takes a Village before with some pretty serious injuries. With the generosity of the Tri-State and the help of some amazing veterinarians, these animals have made remarkable recoveries. I've never seen an injury like this, though, and I'm not even sure how you'd go about fixing it. You might be thinking the same thing. Good thing we're not vets, right? Good thing the course of action is up to much smarter people than me.

What I do know is that whatever the next steps are for her, it is not going to be cheap, and this is where you and I come in. What this dog needs from us right now is money - plain and simple.

One last warning. Graphic photos below...

ITV injured dog-4
ITV injured dog-3
ITV injured dog-1

A GoFundMe has been set up to help with the dog's medical bills. Ashlee Willis who brought the dog to ITV posted this:

I am sick to be posting this... Tears are running down my face.... Absolutely heartbreaking..... Please help us!!!!

This dog was found with wire around her  mouth in the Knox County area.  A good samaritan called and us volunteers from Paws in Petersburg took her to Evansville  Sunday night. She has been like this for a long time... 

We are unsure if it was a trap or exactly what happened. She is extremely bad... We are fighting with all we have to help her live... We just do not know the future. All we know is that if she pulls through, the process with be lengthy. With lots of surgeries.. She is wagging her tail. She wants to live.

She spent  the night at All Pet Emergency in Evansville.  And she will be going to a clinic with It Takes A Village in Evansville this morning.  We are trying to start raising funds. She needs prayer and money... Please help.... Please.. This is desperation....

This will be a long process and will take an army... But she deserves a chance.

She is currently at Hilltop Vet and under the care of Dr. Kennedy.

If you can spare even a few bucks to help this sweet gal out, please consider doing so. We'll keep you updated when new developments occur.

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