Before the Giants beat the Patriots Lucas Oil Stadium in Indianapolis last night, Kelly Clarkson got the first win of the night with an incredible performance of The Star Spangled Banner. But was it one of the best renditions ever? That's for you to decide.

At the risk of swaying your decision, let me say that I thought Kelly absolutely killed it last night. Her voice sounded great and she kept it simple and to the point. I thought the addition of the small drum line and children's choir was a nice touch. It literally gave me chills, which for me is usually the sign of a great performance. With that said, I do think one of the performances listed below was slightly better. Again, I don't want to sway your decision making so I'll keep my choice to myself.

Take a look at Kelly's performance from last night, then check out four other performances that I think are equally good if not better and cast your vote in the poll below.

Kelly Clarkson - Super bowl 46

Beyonce - Super bowl 38

Carrie Underwood - Super Bowl 44

Whitney Houston - Super Bowl 25

Faith Hill - Super Bowl 34

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