Do you need a quick pick-me-up? If so, let me direct your attention to some of the cutest photos you’ll see today; animals eating and playing with pumpkins! Mesker Park Zoo has got us taken care of with their amazingly adorable pictures of animals enjoying the fall fruit, so let’s collectively stop what we’re doing for a moment and take in some of these wonderful photos.

First up is Joey, a Baird’s tapir that was gifted with a carved pumpkin that looked too scrumptious to just let sit by, so Joey went in for a nice bite at the top.

Next up we have a wolf that has clearly decided this pumpkin is theirs and theirs alone, and whatever they decide to do with it is totally up to them.

Here we have Belle who makes an executive decision that the traditional carving method wasn’t good enough for her, as she poked and prodded her way through the pumpkin. I like her style!

Check out this awesome photo of Belize, a female jaguar, who has claimed possession of this pumpkin and has no intention of letting it go anytime soon. 

Lastly, we have Rupert, who could not be more pleased with a pumpkin that looks like it was created just for him. Look at the size of both Rupert and that pumpkin!

One thing is for sure: each animal has their own distinct style when it comes to chewing on and playing with a pumpkin! If you’d love to see more of these wonderful animals, Mesker Park is open all-year round. They currently have their Boo at the Zoo experience, where you can enjoy Halloween festivities and fall fun including trick or treating, music, magicians, and of course, animal encounters!

Be sure to check out for your next zoo trip!

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