Indiana State Trooper, Sergeant Todd Ringle, is well known for his strong emoji game on Twitter, but one of his fellow troopers in Indianapolis took things to a whole new level Sunday night when he borrowed a few lyrics from Vanilla Ice to make his point about driving on icy roads.

Sergeant John Perrine is the Public Information Officer for the Central Indiana District (the same position Sergeant Ringle holds here in our area), which was forecast to receive a decent amount of freezing rain Sunday night into this morning, leaving residents in that area to prepare for the worst when it came to road conditions. Instead of the same boring, old, "slow down and be safe" tweet, Sergeant Perrine decided to take the opportunity to get his point across by kicking it old school.

If you read that without singing it to the beat of "Ice, Ice Baby," you're doing it wrong.

You're move Sergeant Ringle.

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