A one room school house, in Ft. Wayne, Indiana was boarded up and in much need of repair until someone gave it a complete and amazing renovation. Once I saw the first few photos, of this schoolhouse turned into a county chic home, I was hooked. I love every single detail of this home.

When I was a child, my grandpa would take me to Billie Creak Village, in Rockville, IN. Although no longer open, it was a pioneer village with a general store, blacksmith, candle maker, pottery maker, quilt maker, a couple of houses and a one room school house. I was obsessed with the school house. It was very hard to get me out of there, once I was sitting in one of the old wooden desks and pretending I was Mary on Little House on the Prairie. So, my heart leaped when I saw that this one room school house had been renovated and turned into the home of my dreams.

According to fox2now.com, the Ft, Wayne schoolhouse was built by J.F. Wing & Co. in 1883 and called the Cory School. Students attended class there until 1938. The former owners of the schoolhouse, and the property surrounding it, bought the schoolhouse because their grandfather used to teach in the one room school. They had hoped to preserve the schoolhouse.

The current owners bought the schoolhouse and have turned it into a masterpiece. They fixed all of the damage, built on to the schoolhouse and completely renovated every inch of it. The current owners are now selling the house, so we got to peek inside.

Indiana One Room Schoolhouse Undergoes Incredible Home Renovation

The house has two bedrooms and 2 baths. See more pics and get all of the details of this amazing home that is for sale in Ft Wayne, IN. If you are like me, the photos alone give me all sorts of inspiration. But, I have to admit, I'm trying to figure out how I can move to Ft Wayne and still to the shoe in Evansville.

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