I recently spent a weekend in Sullivan, Indiana for the Sullivan Shootout Basketball Tournament which my son's 6th grade team was participating in. While there, I noticed a sign taped to the table where you pay your admission that caught my attention. It was asking for donations to help fund a trip to Europe some of the students were taking, but it was the way they were asking that caught my eye.

(Ryan O'Bryan)
(Ryan O'Bryan)

The note is self-explanatory, but I had never seen anything like it, and I thought it was a really creative way for a group, school, or organization to help raise a few extra bucks for whatever they need. They know people will be looking to their phones to help pass any downtime between games, and unless you have an unlimited data plan through your career, the ability to stream that next episode of whatever show you're watching on Netflix while you wait two hours until your kids next game without burning through your data is a gift from the heavens.

My assumption is they set a temporary password for the weekend, then change it at the conclusion of the tournament, or set up a password protected "Guest" connection. Whatever the case, this is definitely an idea worth stealing if you are involved in a non-profit or school organization that is looking for ways to help fund an event, or purchase new equipment.

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