One study found the most fun states in America, and you'll have to scroll almost to the bottom of that list to find Indiana...which means it's one of the least fun states in the country.

What do you like to do for fun in Indiana? For me, I'm a pretty simple kind of guy. I like to go fishing, camping, going to the movies, and attending concerts. If you're from Indiana, you are fully aware that we have no shortage when it comes to places to do things like that. I'm too old to go out and party, but we have some great nightlife scenes throughout the state too. You really have to find your own kind of fun, everyone is different in terms of what they deem "fun". That being said, there was a study that I discovered recently that found the most fun states in America. I instantly had to check that out to see where Indiana ranked, and it wasn't too good.

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Where Does Indiana Rank on the Most Fun States in America?

WalletHub released the most fun states in America list. To come up with this list of FUN states, I read that WalletHub used 65 different metrics in the following three categories: entertainment and recreation, nightlife and parties, and overall costs.

Now, Indiana isn't really one of those states that is full of a lot of popular attractions like beaches, big cities, and national parks. However, the state still does have a lot to offer. Apparently, not enough to land anywhere near the top of this list. Indiana came in at number 40 on the list of most fun states in America. Which puts us in the bottom ten. So, Indiana is one of the least fun states in the country, according to this study.

Like I said earlier, "fun" is all subjective. I believe that Indiana offers a lot of fun events and attractions to residents. There's a lot to see and do in the state, you just have to find it! Are you surprised by these findings? Should Indiana (in your opinion) be higher or lower on this list?

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