If passed, Indiana House Bill 1011 would allow patients who are terminally ill to make the decision to end their suffering.

End-of-Life Options

There has been some debate for years regarding whether or not a person who is terminally ill should be allowed to compassionately end their own suffering with the assistance of a medical professional. Often referred to as "Death with Dignity," there are currently laws on the books for those facing terminal illness in ten states across the country including Oregon, Maine, and California. According to Compassion & Choices, an organization aimed at expanding options while empowering individuals to choose their own end-of-life story.

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House Bill 1011

Authored by Democratic State Representative Matt Pierce, Indiana House Bill 1011 would allow individuals meeting certain criteria, including terminal illness with 6 months or less to live, to be given by their medical practitioner a self-administered medication that would effectively end their life. In addition to allowing someone to end their suffering, the bill would also prohibit insurance companies from denying payment of life insurance benefits to due to the "suicide clause."  Indiana House Bill 1011 reads in part,

Allows individuals with a terminal illness who meet certain requirements to make a request to an attending provider for medication that the individual may self-administer to bring about death. Specifies requirements a provider must meet in order to prescribe the medication to a patient. Prohibits an insurer from denying payment of benefits under a life insurance policy based upon a suicide clause in the life insurance policy if the death of the insured individual is the result of medical aid in dying.


 Hot Button Issue

There is no doubt that compassionate, medically aided suicide is a controversial topic. For now, the bill has had its first reading and has now been sent for review by the committee on public health.

[Source: WTHITV.com]

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