As a child, some of my favorite memories are the times my family spent at Turkey Run State Park in Parke County, IN. We would camp there and go hiking. My favorite trails were the ones on the other side of the big creek. You could only get to those by crossing a swing bridge.

I remember, as a kid, being a little nervous as I walked across. Feeling as if I was floating above the creek was thrilling. Now, when I see a swing bridge, like the one I found in Kentucky, the kid in me feels that rush and wants to cross it. It takes me back to a time when I would play with my cousins, no cell phones or tablets, and see who could cross the bridge without making it move OR make it move the most, whatever the case may be.

I didn’t actually come across this bridge myself, my friend Mandy did and she posted the pics in Kentucky Waterfalls, Arches and Landscapes Facebook group. The incredible Ritner Swing Bridge hangs over a river in the outer woods around the Daniel Boone National Forest.

IMPORTANT INFORMATION ABOUT RITNER SWINGING BRIDGE as posted in the Kentucky Waterfalls Arches and Landscapes Facebook group.

...Though public property, the bridge is not in a park or the national forest but in a residential area on one lane roads with no parking...Residents are asking for tourists to please stay away...Tourists are turning around in and parking in residents yards causing one resident to threaten that they were going to start shooting at trespassers. Residents can not get to their homes because the roads are blocked. Tourists are parking in the middle of the road and walking to the bridge. One visitor took out a tree in a resident’s yard. Trash is being thrown out of cars and there is litter everywhere...The county Magistrate was called and signs directing the location of the bridge have been removed. Do not include this destination in your planned trip to or around Kentucky.

Looks like for now, we can only enjoy this swing bridge in pictures. Take a look!

Incredible Kentucky Swinging Bridge

I’m so amazed at how clear the water is and the beauty of the rocky banks on each side.


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