Yelling "I'M PICKLE RICK" isn't helping...

Adult Swim

By now, most people even vaguely familiar with the Adult Swim show Rick and Morty are aware of "Szechuan Sauce-Gate," that took place last weekend at various McDonald's across the country. If you aren't aware, McDonald's tried to capitalize on a joke made by the shows third season premiere that involved a now discontinued McNugget sauce. They released the sauce to a few locations across the country, didn't send enough, and people lost their minds.

Yes, the above video is very stupid. But it shows how into this stupid sauce people actually are. It's because of stunts like these, as well as the mistreatment of female staffers on social media, that have given the fandom a big black eye. As a fan of the show from early on, I'm here to say: We aren't all like this.

And I know that seems like a given, but personally, I felt I should at least try to defend the fans who actually understand and enjoy the show without being completely obnoxious about it. The problem isn't the show, it's the idiot neckbeards who try to see themselves in a character who exists solely to show how a person shouldn't exist. Rick Sanchez isn't someone to be idolized. At all. Morty is who fans should identify with, but instead, they want to think they are above feeling things and want to be a Rick.

Adult Swim

I've enjoyed the show since the beginning of season 2, I eventually re-watched the first season and thought it was brilliant. The way the show was able to tackle issues while still maintaining the absurdity Rick and Morty is known for was hilarious. During the two year break between seasons 2 and 3, more people discovered the show and it became popular among the disenfranchised "GIRLS ONLY DATE A**HOLES" crowd. Instead of working on themselves, the primarily male audience decided they didn't need to change because a f***ing cartoon fully captured them.

And that's dumb. Some of us just want to enjoy a show that has characters named "Mr. Poopy Butthole" and "Photography Raptor" without it being an avenue for you to advertise your Forever Aloneness. Yes, some of the humor on the show is very smart, but just because you understand a philosophical reference doesn't give you the right to be a complete douche to people. You're not better than anyone. And the people who watch the show and think they are smarter because of it are, 9 times out of 10, some of the dumbest people to exist. If you harass a creator of a show because McDonald's didn't have a novelty McNugget sauce, you are very stupid.

Adult Swim

All I want to share is that not all fans of Rick and Morty are like this. We just enjoy the show. I hate that a vocal and idiotic minority has set the example of what this fandom should be. We all don't go around yelling "I'M PICKLE RICK" in public, trying to be as obnoxious as possible. People aren't judging you because they don't get it and you're so smart, they judge you because you're being f***ing stupid. I saw someone compare the fandom to "Bronies." NOBODY WANTS TO BE COMPARED TO BRONIES!

I'd do anything to go back to the time before season 3 was released. I'd give all of season 3 back if it meant that I didn't have to worry if people thought I was doxxing women online just because I enjoy a show. And I'm not even saying the newest season was all that great, it wasn't. But yelling at the writing staff because you don't like it isn't a way to change anything. It's just a way to make yourself look really stupid.

In conclusion, I'm always down to talk about Rick and Morty: favorite characters, episodes, etc. But if you start yelling stupid stuff or believe you're the same as Rick, I'm going to walk away. And then I'm gonna tell everyone what a Jerry you are.