With less than 100 Amur Leopards in the world, an Illinois Zoo is excited to announce the birth of two cubs.

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These animals are considered critically endangered and are the most endangered cat in the entire world. The Niabi Zoo (located in Coal Valley, Illinois) was selected to help these animals gain more numbers.

In 2019 the Niabi Zoo was chosen by the Amur Leopard Species Survival planning group as a partner, and it was decided that we would receive and house one of several Amur leopards that would be brought in from zoos in Europe to breed with our genetically valuable male Amur Leopard “Jilin”.

The cubs (one male and one female) have yet to be named and I wonder if the zoo will have some sort of contest to name the adorable cubs.

The cubs will be well taken care of and for updates on the babies, you can follow the zoo on Facebook.

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