Another sad reminder that we have a long way to go in this country.

Here's the commercial causing the, what I believe to be, unnecessary stir.

What is intended to be a cute little commercial about a daughter misunderstanding how Cheerios are good for the heart, has turned into the poster child for what's wrong with America.

Before I get too deep into this, let me check the calendar real quick — yep, it's still 2013. For a minute there I thought maybe we had somehow reverted back to 1813.

The video was uploaded to the Cheerios YouTube account on Memorial Day, and received so many racially charged comments, Cheerios disabled the comments feature from the video. I was hoping to find at least a few of the comments somewhere else on the web to share here, not because I want to give the ignorant bigots who made the comments any more publicity, but to show how stupid some people can be. However, finding those comments somewhere else on the internet has been difficult.

Just because YouTube took away the ability to comment on the video itself, savvy internet goons took to other sites like Cheerios Facebook page, and Reddit to spew their hatred. The website, took a screen capture of a few Reddit comments, one of which included the terms, "race traitors" in reference to the adults, and "monkey children". Other's claimed they'd never buy Cheerios again.

Unfortunately this is nothing new for the internet. As great as it is with it's endless amount of information, it's a breeding ground for for knuckle-dragging neanderthals to spout their ignorant opinions somewhat anonymously from a place they feel safe, their home. It's amazing how brave people become when they don't have to worry about someone punching them in the face, or kicking their teeth in for something they said. Instead, they cower behind their monitor or smartphone screen with a false sense of bravado, too afraid own up to their words.

My biggest question to those who are for whatever reason offended by this is, "Why?" Why do you think its any of your business what other people do with their lives? I often think how much nicer of a place the world would be if we all just stayed out of each other's business. Sadly, I think that's just wishful thinking.