A recent commercial promoting Honda's Summer Clearance Event features an acapella group singing a pop song from the '80's while a woman in a yellow dress enters a "fantasy world", for lack of a better term, after finding the car of her dreams at a local Honda dealer. If you know you've heard the song before, but the name escaped you, here's the answer.

The song is "Head Over Heels" from the then-wildly popular all-girl group, The Go-Go's 1984 album, Talk Show. Here's the original:

(Side note: Could this video BE more '80's? And how cute was Belinda Carlisle back then?!?!)

There is one other commercial in this series, in it a man walks into the dealership, spots the car of his dreams, and enters a dream sequence where a group of young ladies sing Kelly Clarkson's 2009 hit, "My Life Would Suck Without You."

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