Billboard has unveiled the cover of its June 14th issue featuring Iggy Azalea and the Australian rapper chatted with the magazine about all things music.

She opens up about criticisms that she hasn't done any authentic Australian rap songs, saying, "One critic was like, 'Why didn't you talk about more Australian things?' I don't understand why I'm supposed to write a song about living in the outback and riding a kangaroo to be authentic."

Azalea currently has the No. 1 song on the Billboard Hot 100 with her hit 'Fancy,' and also is a featured guest on the No. 2 song on the chart, Ariana Grande's 'Problem.' This feat hasn't been accomplished by a debut artist since The Beatles. Her response? "It doesn't mean anything," Iggy tells Billboard. "I'd rather be The Rolling Stones."

Given how people have reacted to 'Fancy' and 'Problem' already, Azalea is already on a good path to have a long career like The Stones.

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