As a young man newer to the world, I thrive for adventure. This planet is beautiful and there are lots of places on Earth that I want to see with my own eyes, not just from the screen of a TV. Unfortunately my current standing in life I can't afford to see those beautiful places and go on adventures so I pick the next best thing.....Skyrim.

I just got back into Skyrim about a week ago and started a new adventure. After pouring over 500 hours into the game on and off for the past 4 years I had to ask myself why do I like Skyrim? For those who have never played let me tell you about this game. There are hundreds of ways to play this game based on the type of character you want and what skills you want to focus on. Whether you want to be an Orc that creates his or her own armor or be a elf that only uses magic to defeat enemy's the possibilities are endless.

Although all the quests are the same ones you play each new play through, there are different approaches one can take. In my first play through, I chose to be a dark elf that was destined to be a thief and assassin. I focused on skills like sneaking, lock picking, and archery. So any time I went into a dungeon my plan was to hang back and kill my enemies before they even knew I was attacking. With my current play through I have chosen to be a powerful Orc that makes his own weapons. My major focus is on smithing, one-handed weapons and enchanting. So my approach is to be this powerful being with the strongest weapons in the game.

That is just the basic of the game but I must delve into why I like Skyrim. It is it's own universe. There are more than 500 places to visit on the map which could take two hours in real life to walk from one side to the other. Each location has something special whether it is a rare weapon, lots of treasure, or someone who needs your help. It is impossible to beat this game without pouring hours into it. Skyrim was a well thought out came and it is grinded down to very small details. Anything you can think of is possible in this game within reason. it is possible to make your own food by collecting ingredients and cooking them in pots and on fires. One of my favorite things to do is collect books. They have lots of books that you can open up and read page to page and there are novels, instruction manuals, and journals to read.

So I like Skyrim, not just for finishing quests to level up and hone my skills. I love the world itself and how detailed each and every part of it is. That aspect sets it apart from other RPG style games. I'm just glad I haven't had to stop adventuring on the account that I took an arrow to the knee.

Matt Qualls
Matt Qualls


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