With the opening weekend of "It: Chapter Two" being this weekend, what better time to make "killer clowns" the focal point of something Halloween related? French Lick Manhunt And Survival Games is fairly new to the area. They host "survival style"  games that is fun for all ages.

Their theme for October happens to be "Killer Clown Showdown" What does that mean? According to  French Lick Manhunt And Survival Games:

Every night in OCTOBER you are given the chance to hunt down, and shutdown the killer clowns that have plagued our forests for years, with paintball guns! Do you have what it takes to rid our forest of these crazy killer clowns? Book your appointment today!

This sounds kind of fun. I remember paintballing when I was younger and had a blast. Adding this twist to the game with the "killer clowns" makes it intriguing, and for some, scary. Do you know someone who would love to do this? Better yet, do  you know someone who would be terrified?

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