"Summer is leaving silently. Much like a traveler approaching the end of an amazing journey." - David Lamont Walker

The Sunday of Summer is Here

Wanting to squeeze in a few last-minute summer activities and create some lasting warm weather memories? There are still many options to choose from, whether you're looking for date night ideas, thrill-seeking at local theme parks, or needing a family weekend plan that includes some time spent outdoors. The Tri-State has so much to offer!

Holiday World and Splashing Safari

Santa Claus Indiana is home to the world-famous theme park that has been in operation since 1946. Splashing Safari is open until September 18th if you are wanting some water-filled thrills. The following weekend starts the annual "Happy Halloween Weekends". Holiday World will be open every weekend with its final day of operations being October 30th.

Holiday Drive-In

Rockport Indiana is home to one of the longest-running drive-in movie theaters, opening with just one screen in 1955. After expanding through the years, they now have six different screens, and a great selection of motion pictures to choose from. A movie night under the stars makes for a great evening for both a date night or a family outing. While there don't forget to check out the vast array of treats from concessions. With options such as burgers, corndogs, nachos, soft pretzels, and fountain drinks, there will be no shortage of great snacking opportunities.

Evansville Otters Baseball


The last home game of the regular season for the otters is Sunday, August 28th so "Take me out to the ballgame" one last time for the season.

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Last Splashes

Child in swimming pool. Kid eating orange.

Swimming and splash parks are a favorite summer pastime for many, but time is ticking down to closing day for most local public pools in the area.

Aqua City Swim Club- Henderson, KY. is open Monday- Saturday 11 am-8 pm and Sunday 12 pm- 6 pm. open through Labor Day weekend.

Russell Sims Aquatic Center- Bowling Green, KY is open 11 am- 6 pm and will be open through labor day weekend.

Smothers Park- Owensboro, KY. is open 9 am- 9 pm and May 28th- Labor Day weather permitting.

Legion Park- Owensboro, KY is open 9 am- 9pm through Labor Day weather permitting

SEE: 35 Personalized License Plates the Indiana BMV Rejected

According to the BMV, personalized plate requests may be rejected if they contain the following, let's call them "red flags:"

  • Carries a meaning or connotation offensive to good taste and decency;
  • Would be misleading; or
  • The BMV otherwise considers improper for issuance.

There's no doubt each and every one of these violates one of those provisions, and most of them violate them all.

WARNING: Some of these may be considered Not Safe for Work

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