This past week, I was looking for a table to use in our video show, The Wake Up Call. I found the perfect one at our Habitat ReStore but the varnish was worn and didn't look so great. So, I decided to buy and try to redo it!

I chose Shabby Chic and scoured the internet looking for ways to achieve the look I wanted. I also wanted an easy method because I just don't have time to do the wax and all that other awesome stuff. I found a fairly easy method that actually worked quite well. The secret is Vaseline.

Here's what you'll need:

  • Piece of furniture
  • Sand paper or sander (I love my Mouse)
  • Satin house paint (this paint stays pretty soft so it's good for shabby chic but not if you plan on really using the furniture a lot)
  • A paint brush that you don't want anymore and a nice one for painting
  • Vaseline
  • A weenie roller (tiny paint roller)
  • Paint tray (get a removable liner if you can)
  • Newspaper or old cloth to catch drippings

It sounds like a LOT but most of the stuff I had handy at home. The rest I bough at the Dollar General and Habitat ReStore.

Okay, start off by sanding every last bit of your piece. This will help your paint to stick. The Mouse really cuts back on sanding time. I did mine in about an hour. I did leave some stain in the cracks because that's where I shabbied.


Apply a pretty good glob of Vaseline to any area that you want to chip off. Corners, edges, etc.

Paint - use the roller for the tops and paint brush for the sides. I used Antique White but you can use whatever color you like. Light pinks and mints are popular shabby colors too.

Let it dry over night.

Using a spoon or paint scraper wrapped in a thin towel, scrape away around the Vaseline. It will come right off. Wipe excess with dry towel.

Here's the video I used as a roadmap.

Ashley S
Ashley S


Ashley S
Ashley S

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