Save yourself from the unnecessary injury and medical bills of "avocado hand" with this quick tutorial on how to properly slice an avocado.

The popularity of avocado has risen exponentially over the past few years as more research has come to light on their health benefits. They offer "nearly 20 vitamins and minerals in each serving," according to WebMD, and are high in good fats that help lower cholesterol. Plus, they make delicious guacamole, and are great in sushi!

Despite the benefits, handling and preparing avocados has become troublesome for some people with reports surfacing that say hospitals are seeing a rise in avocado-related injuries they've dubbed the aforementioned "avocado hand."

Admittedly, avocados are deceptive if you don't know what you're getting into. On the outside they look like a pear, which would lead one to think they can be sliced the same way. However, hiding beneath the leathery exterior of that avocado is extremely soft interior followed by a sizable wooden pit. Due to it's rounded shape, trying to force the knife through pit is just asking for a call to 911 while trying to not bleed out all over the kitchen counter.

Thankfully, the solution is relatively simple:

Now go forth and make all the guacamole!

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