Long before he met his wife Jacy, Nathan English visited Mitchell's Fish Market in Louisville and tried their famous SharkFin Pie. The pie must have had quite an effect on him. Jacy says Nathan "has not stopped talking about it in the 14 years" they've been together.

I'll admit it. Until I saw Jacy's social media post about the pie, I had never heard of it.  So, I looked it up on YouTube to see if I could find video of one. Sure enough! I did.

While this pie doesn't look particularly easy to manage, it does look REALLY good.

By the way, in case you're wondering what exactly SharkFin Pie has in it, the Mitchell's Fish Market website says it's made of "gourmet ice cream, honey roasted peanuts, fudge, peanut butter and an Oreo cookie crust. The price of a slice at the restaurant? $13.50.

Jacy decided that 14 years was long enough and, earlier this week, she decided to surprise Nathan and make the pie at home.  She says, "He's been working so much and has had like no days off in months + overtime and I wanted to make this pie for him and make him happy."

Jacy English
Jacy English

After looking, she found the recipe and decided it was GO time.

Jacy admits the recipe is pretty involved. It has 15 different steps, but she was determined to wrangle that "shark".  She worked "SO DANG HARD" and proudly finished the job.

But, then, an unexpected disaster occurred. She says that right after finishing the "LAST STEP" all she had to do was put the pie in the freezer to set for 30 minutes. But, before she could do that, she needed to rearrange the freezer a bit to make sure the pie was going to sit in there level.  She closed the freezer door and, when she did, "BAM!"

According to Jacy, the freezer shelf fell, the door swung open and "this freaking masterpiece of a pie" fell face down on the kitchen floor. That's when Jacy crumbled like the pie. Yes! The masterpiece of a pie had jumped the proverbial shark.

She says, "I don’t know whether it was the effort that went into making it, being sad Nathan wouldn’t get the perfect pie, or the million dollars I spent on ingredients due to inflation… But I just cried like a damn baby. Sobbing, snorting, sad. It was bad."

Luckily, all was not lost- even though Jacy temporarily lost her crap.  She had some extra ingredients so she quickly regrouped and went back to work.  She scraped off the top layer, fixed it up again and, once again, put the pie in the freezer to set.

And, look!  The final product closely resembles the pie in the video above.  She did it! By golly, she did it.
Jacy English
Jacy English

And even "sweeter" news, Nathan LOVED the pie. Jacy did too.  She says, "It was delicious."

But I think the sweetest part of the story is what Jacy said about Nathan.  On her Facebook page, she summed the experience up with this:

And more thankful I have a husband who just like that damn pie, scoops me up, scrapes off my bad parts, fixes me right up, and helps set me up again.  It may be misshaped and lumpy, but it showed me how beautiful marriage is, and we’re eating this freaking pie tonight.

If you'd like to attempt to make Mitchell's Shark Fin Pie, CLICK HERE for the recipe.

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