After many years of trying to decorate on a budget, I came up with a great way to spend next to nothing on a very expensive looking holiday centerpiece.

The above photo shows my granddaughter, Norah, proudly displaying her creation. Yes, it's so easy, your kids can do it too.

Take a look at the finished product. She decided instead of a table centerpiece, to make a Thanksgiving decoration on the buffet.

Leslie Morgan
Leslie Morgan

I might be partial, but I think it is pretty amazing.

Leslie Morgan
Leslie Morgan

Usually, I put it together and use it as a centerpiece for my Thanksgiving dinner table. But, since I'm not holding the family celebration at my house. a holiday display on the buffet behind the table seemed like a great idea. This is one I made last year.

Leslie Morgan
Leslie Morgan

The whole thing cost me under twenty dollars and it doesn’t require any crafty skills or even a glue gun. Yep, no glue gun.

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First of all, you will need a center; a candle holder, or a pumpkin. You will use it to decorate around. I used a tiered candle holder my mom always had on our coffee table. It's made of dark brown wrought iron so it's very  ersatile.

Even though my three candle holders are connected to make one, they don’t have to be. You can use separate candle holders too.

You can purchase candle holders at a thrift store or resale shop for a few bucks. If you don’t like the color, you can spray paint it. I would suggest something like brown, bronze, or black to go with other Fall or holiday colors.

It's super easy and your kids will love to create this centerpiece year after year. Here is how to make it.

How To Create A Beautiful Thanksgiving Centerpiece On A Budget

Once Thanksgiving is over, I remove the pieces (since they aren't glued down they come apart really easily) and store the decorations until next year.

After that, I replace the Fall decor, with Christmas, and after that some winter decorations. Making this really saves a lot of money. A glued-together centerpiece, like this, can go for $75 or much more.

If you make one, show me yours. Send your photos to me, HERE.

Happy Thanksgiving!

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