Easter is only a couple of weeks away, so if you have children young enough to want Easter gifts, baskets, and clothes, it time to start getting it together. But just HOW old is TOO old to be receiving Easter baskets?

My 8-year-old lost another tooth over the weekend, but this year we decided not to continue with the "Tooth Fairy" story. You could see the slight disappointment in his eyes when he woke up and their was no money under his pillow. That quickly disappeared though when my wife gave him a dollar for his tooth. INFLATION!

We're gonna definitely get our 8 and 7-year-olds baskets, but what about my 12-year-old? The past couple of years he's been kind of nonchalant about the baskets and doesn't like coloring the eggs anymore, although he WILL still eat the candy! I'm debating whether or not to get him an actual basket or just clothes and candy.

What do you think?

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