Get ready for one of those 'I Can't Make This Stuff Up' stories. In the past couple of months, I've spent a lot of time scrolling through Facebook Marketplace. I've even sold a few items on it. I wasn't searching for a gently used McNugget, but this listing popped up in my newsfeed.


Conjoined nuggets from McDonalds. Came as is. Never eaten.

Yes, friends, this is a real Facebook Marketplace listing. Recently, someone was selling a nugget that looked like Indiana. Does anyone really buy these 'As is' nuggets? Most of the Evansville listings are for Denver Nuggets memorabilia. But then there is the Conjoined Nuggets post from Luke Hockensmith.

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Recently, a McDonald’s chicken nugget that is kind of shaped like one of the Among Us crewmates sold for $99,997 on eBay. This one-of-a-kind nugget came from one of the BTS Happy Meals, so maybe a KPop collector bought it.


It seems like there really could be gold in those nuggets. If only I could get one that looks like a ghost or has Jesus on it, it would be like winning the lottery!


Would you buy this nugget? I reached out to the seller Luke Hockensmith because I just had to ask where the nugget came from and if he had any offers.

"It came from the McDonalds in Tallahassee Florida while I was on vacation. I’ve had tons of offers but all jokes of course haha! This is just something I thought would be entertaining for most people on the marketplace. However, nothing is really available anymore, the nugget was actually eaten! So in the end, if I got a serious offer, I couldn’t accept it!"

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