This morning, we were talking about my daughter's stuffed animal "Monkey." Every day, Ava tells me that it's monkey's birthday! And, naturally, I play along. It reminded Rob that he saw a statistic that 84% of men and 77% of women hold on to their stuffies into adulthood. Seems crazy but honestly, we had a lot of men call in to tell us about their stuffed animals. We had no idea how deep things were about to get! #bringtissues

Jason Daseler I have a pound puppy appropriately named Ruff that I cherished as a kid. He’s still hanging around but he’s been passed down to my daughter. She’s incorporated him into her growing army of stuffed animals. It’s sweet to see her play with something from my childhood.

Cheyenne Simpson I have a bear named Big Bear, I got him on my first Christmas and now he's my 5 year old daughter's bear! He's not quite as soft anymore, but she still loves him, haha.

Heather Nicole McDaniel I have a bear that is named cubby that I've had for 20 years. My brother got it for me in Alabama one time. I have him in my headboard so that my youngest dog doesn't tear him up but I still hold him when I need comforting. And if there is a storm or I'm going somewhere I always make sure to take him along.
Holly Smith I still have my childhood teddy bear. His name is Precious. I've had him since I was an infant. He's pretty thread bare, but he has a wind up music box in his bell y that still works almost 34 years later.I have a son now, and my mom hunted down an exact replica of my bear for my son to have. She had to find it on ebay because they stopped making the bear years ago.

Check it out and feel free to chime in!

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