It seems like Christmas decorations start popping up earlier and earlier every year! I remember when stores first starting having those "Christmas in July" kinda sales it was a novelty. Now stores like Wal-mart and Target start selling Christmas decorations before LABOR Day! So my question is, how early is TOO early to be putting up Christmas decorations.

When I was kid, most families didn't even think about Christmas at least until after the Thanksgiving meal has digested. Our family and most of those in our neighborhood usually didn't start putting up Christmas decorations until after Dec. 1st. Some families were known to have their trees up for Thanksgiving but any sooner than that was considered taboo! God forbid if you were one of those families that left their Christmas decorations up ALL YEAR ROUND because you were too lazy to take them down each year.

Nowadays, people are putting up trees well before turkey day and sometimes even before Halloween depending on when you get your first taste of snow! If this trend continues, I fear all three of the major fall/winters holidays of Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas will be merged into one mega-holiday called  Hallothankstmas! But what
do you think? Is it TOO early for Christmas Decorations? Cast your vote in the poll and I'll read the results during the show.


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