Wanna play some vintage arcade game while crackin' a cold one?

The High Score Saloon is the brain-child of Jared Neible and Clint Hoskins, two friends who love vintage arcade games. The High Score Saloon will feature not only vintage arcade machines, but they will also have a wide variety of pinball machines. Pinball is basically my favorite thing so this has me excited.

There is also the "Bar" part of Bar/Arcade as well. They will be offering a rotating menu of different craft beers as well as domestic beers as well. This really looks like a place where you can enjoy a drink while reliving some of gaming's best memories.

High Score Saloon

They are also going to have some gaming consoles set up as well, so you can finally settle who is better at Mario Kart or Super Smash Bros. once and for all.

This is not the first time Clint and Jared have gotten into the arcade business in Evansville; they currently provide the machines and help run the arcade at Secret Headquarters. Something that sets Clint and Jared apart from others, is their dedication to charity work. They offer free arcade time to those in the Big Brothers/Big Sisters program, which is something that is really cool. They also provide free arcade time to those that make the honor roll in school.

High Score Saloon

The High Score Saloon will be located at 323 Main St. Suite F (where Babel used to be a few years ago). They are currently still getting set up but are aiming for a late summer opening! You can get all the latest news on their official Facebook page!