Are you concerned that you will starve to death waiting in line to vote? Never fear, Pizza to the Polls is here!

As I write this, Pizza to the Polls has sent pizza to 156 polling places in 31 states! How? Voters waiting in extremely long lines, let them know about it with a simple form found here. They require a social media link, to make sure there is actually a line. They aren't sending pizza to your dorm LOL. Then, they order delivery, and magically no one will starve on Election Day.

How Pizza at the Polls began:

The weekend before election day, news spread of long lines across the country at early voting locations. Thus, Pizza to the Polls was born. In a few short hours, we came up with a name, a Twitter handle, a website, and a plan: Give pizza to the people. And give people watching at home a way to help.

We took in reports of long lines and sent our lucky pizza delivery recruits out on their mission to save democracy. The feedback was immediate and immense: it fortified hungry voters in line, cheered up beleaguered poll workers, and put followers and friends to work finding other voters in need so we could send in more ‘za.

What started out small - in a few polling places in Ohio, Florida, and Illinois - quickly ballooned into a nationwide effort. By the morning of Election Day we had raised $10,000 and were confronted with the seemingly impossible task of spending it all before the polls closed. As the day progressed we were bringing in donations faster than we could place orders - so we recruited and trained a team of over twenty volunteers from across the US, England, and Australia to order and coordinate the delivery of 2,368 pizzas to 128 polling places across 24 states.

By the time the dust had settled and the ballots were cast, we had raised $43,307 from 1,728 donors, and over 25,000 slices of pizza were consumed.

This is not a charity, but they are an official 501(c)(4) non-profit.

If you would like to fund the cause, follow this link

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