UPDATE 6/5/14: According to Fox 19 in Louisville

[Mooney] is sitting up, eating well and even wagging his tail less than a week after someone attempted to decapitate him in Henderson County.

Last week, some residents in Reed, outside Henderson, KY, found a black lab scuffling with neighbor dogs. They noticed some wounds but thought they were from his recent run-ins. When the stray dog was taken in to the Henderson Humane Society, a large neck wound was soon discovered.

According to Courtney Doch, Henderson Co. Humane Society Manager, the neck wound was human-made and couldn't have been the work of a fight with another animal. The organization's veterinarian had to cut around the wound to clean away the dead tissue.

The dog was then life-flighted to Louisville by The Arrow Fund, a Kentuckiana based  nonprofit organization that provides medical treatment to animals who have been victims of extreme torture, abuse, or neglect. The pilot that picked up the dog requested that he be named Mooney after the plane that took him to Louisville. Mooney has undergone another surgery to clean away dead tissue and vets drained the numerous puncture wounds on the dog's body. Dead maggots have also been removed from the dog's ears and he's being treated for heartworms. The humane society calls Mooney "a fighter" and is asking for well-wishes and prayers, as well as any information you might have about who may have done this to Mooney.

If you have any information about this or any animal abuse neglect or abuse cases in Henderson, please contact the Henderson Humane Society/Henderson Animal Control at 270-826-8966 or your own Animal Control/Humane Society outside of the Henderson area.