My wife gave our cat a bath the other night. To say he wasn't happy about it is a gross understatement.

Now, before you go sending angry e-mails or posting on nasty comments on Facebook thinking we were torturing our poor cat, let me explain why we did it in the first place. My wife found a few fleas on him, which wasn't the first time. We have tried every flea medication you can think of. The kind they sell behind the checkout counter that costs $30 to $40, the cheap stuff you pick up from that aisle of the store. If you've seen it at the pet store, or department store, chances are we've used it. And yet, the little buggers keep making their way back.

We had read (or been told, or both, I can't remember) that Dawn dish washing soap does a pretty good job of killing them, so my brave wife decided to give it a try. Based on the odd, un-cat-like noises he made, Taz, as you can imagine, was not thrilled with the idea.

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