The ghosts of Evansville's past come back to haunt during Haynie’s Corner Arts District ghost walk! Meet the ghosts of some of the Civil War refugee camp at Blackford’s Grove. This is located where 3rd and 4th Street converge in front of Walton's International Comfort Food.

This camp housed many of the sick women and children who fled the war-torn south during the war. Some of them may have been cotton mill workers that provided cloth to the Confederate army. Many people died in this camp due to illness.

You can find out about Miss Margaret Maley who was one of the previous owners of 1113 Parrett Street, which is now the very popular Haynie’s Corner restaurant, Sauced. She was a wealthy socialite in the 1920s, and her home became the gathering place for Evansville’s social elite.

Parties were often thrown here, and many state and locally prominent individuals attended. Perhaps some of these souls still linger in this establishment as many sightings of ghostly figures and strange occurrences have happened here since that time. Hear these stories on the Haunted Historic Evansville Ghost Walks, October 25th and 26th!

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