Is Harry Styles new tattoo a butterfly or is it really a moth?

While I am all about expressing yourself with some ink, I'm not sure that I like the new tattoo that Harry Styles of One Direction got recently. Harry is somewhere around 30 tattoos now. The newest one is suppose to be a butterfly, but I think it looks a lot more like a moth. I also think it looks a little more like something that you would see tattooed on a woman rather than a man. I will give Harry some props for sitting through that sucker though - especially with it's placement. I bet that wasn't an easy piece to sit through. *ouch*

Harry Style's new butterfly tattoo Photo: Twitter

I won't pretend to be a tattoo expert, although I will say that I am proudly up to 10 now, but I still stand firm that Harry's tattoo is a moth and not a butterfly! What do you think?