Northwestern Middle School 8th-grader, Chris Lewis is a freak of nature. The 14-year old son of former University of Georgia and New York Jets football star Mo Lewis stands 6'7" (that's four inches taller than me and 21 years younger) and can hit shots from the three point line as easily as he can block shots from under the basket.

While his skills are impressive, I'm a little bothered by the fact that both New Mexico and Memphis, two prominent Division I programs, have offered him scholarships before he's played a second of high school ball. While his skills at this age are impressive as well as his size, what happened to letting kids be kids? I just wonder where it ends. What's next? Major League Baseball scouts showing up at the little league fields looking for a 10 year they think might be the next possible Albert Puhols?

While I'm sure there are stipulations in the scholarships offered that protect the schools in the event Lewis suffers some career-ending injury between now and his first day of college (four years from now!), it seems to me that it puts a lot a pressure on a young kid who may not be prepared for it.

Maybe I'm over thinking it. Maybe this is what the kid and his family wants. If they're OK with it, then who are we to say whether it's right or wrong. What do you think?

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