Move over Starbucks cup, there's a new hand in town. 

Last week we saw a Starbucks cup made a final scene in GOT. Apparently the "Mother of Dragons" needed a latte that she time hopped to the future and got one. The internet went mad, meme after meme was posted, even Sophie Turner (Sansa Stark) was asked about it on a recent talk show! This season was definitely rushed to where they made a simple mistake and left some 21st Century in the show.

Early on in the series Jaime Lannister lost his hand. It was chopped off and he had a new hand made of gold that he would wear. His gold hand came in handy in this weeks episode when he was fighting Euron Greyjoy. After killing Greyjoy, Jaime went after his beloved Cersei. While America was paying too much attention to the incestuous twins being crushed by rock from their fallen kingdom, we all missed that Jaime's hand had grown back!

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