Food halls are not something new. There are countless locations in cities and communities all across the country with more popping up in metros from coast to coast and according to reports, a new food hall is coming to Evansville. You may be asking, what exactly is a food hall?

A food hall is similar to the food courts you may remember from days gone by, where there are multiple food vendors serving up various cuisines and treats with a centralized open, communal seating arrangement allowing friends to enjoy meals from different restaurants while still sit together - but the similarities end there. Typically a food hall is made up of local restauranteurs, chefs and culinary geniuses, and may include small startups that work with some shared resources.

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According to, some of the benefits for new or aspiring restauranteurs include,

  • The total investment cost is much more affordable than opening a brick and mortar location
  • There is much less risk involved with renting a space in a food hall verses investing in your own
  • You won't be responsible for maintaining the building, the exterior, or the parking lot

The benefit to the consumer comes from the ability to find something palate-pleasing to everyone in your group while supporting small local businesses as opposed to dining with a chain and being limited to a single menu or cuisine option.

Evansville 411 News recently shared that a food hall is being planned for downtown Evansville. They say that developers are considering 'several locations.' of those locations is the 400-414 Carpenter Street block. This building is located behind 2nd Language, directly between NW Second Street and NW Third Street.


...This building was the former home of Hocker Power and Brake Company, Gus Doerner Sports and Mercury Sports. The building was sold in late 2020 to Boiler Investment Group LLC for $269,900.


One of the things Evansville does well, in my opinion, is food. There is no shortage of culinary brilliance in the River City and we and our tastebuds are ready to experience a food hall in the heart of the city. There is no word yet on when the project is expected to be completed but we will keep you updated as we learn more.

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