So the other day I was listening to KISS and I'm loving Kesha's latest song 'C'Mon' and then it hit me.  After hearing that song at least 50 times, I finally paid real attention to the lyrics and realized, that song is kind of dirty.  So I've been paying a lot closer attention to songs recently and I've found some innocent sounding songs have some lyrics that say otherwise.


Since I started this telling you about the song that inspired this list, it's only appropriate to start with that song.

1) Kesha 'C'Mon'

I first thought this song was about having fun, and then I realized I believe she is talking about a lollipop in the same way that Lil Wayne is talking about a 'Lollipop" yikes.

2) Flo Rida 'Whistle'

So first couple times I heard this song, I was like "oh this is a fun song, I like it."  Then I paid attention to the lyrics..holy crap! It's a really dirty song.  Spoiler alert, he isn't actually talking about a whistle...

3) Bruno Mars 'Locked Out Of Heaven'

This song talks about sex and doesn't even try to hide it.  "Your sex takes me to paradise" well there ya go.

4) Nelly 'Hey Porsche'

This song is disguised as a fun upbeat pop song, but it's a very dirty song.  For instance "Girl let's go! You sexy thing, you turn me on, I need a private show, here on the lawn, in my garage" He isn't talking about a show like Grey's Anatomy, he's talking about like a show that you don't want your mother to know you watch.

5) One Direction 'Kiss You'

This song is innocent sounding in it's fun upbeat, five cute guys singing costume that it has on, but that's all a lie.  Let me just quote a few lyrics for you to prove my point the chorus for instance "If you don't wanna take this slow If you just wanna take me home
Let me say yeah a yeah a yeah yeah a yeah And let me kiss you." They aren't going home to play Scrabble.   Also this line "Oh tell me tell me tell me how to turn your love on You can get get anything that you want Baby just shout it out"  Yeah he's turning on a whole lot more than just her "love" I can tell you that right now.

I hope you enjoyed this! If you didn't find these songs dirty, but now you do, then I've done my job.  It's kind of like the first time I heard NSync's 'Digital Get Down' when I was an adult, like after I had sang it the whole time as a kid thinking it's this innocent song, but have you ever listened to those lyrics? haha yeah, your childhood has now been corrupted and you're welcome!