Going back to school evokes mixed emotions for most kids. With the end of summer  comes the end of freedom and the start of countless hours of homework, studying and projects (ick). I remember when I was a kid, there were a few things that made getting out of bed on August 19th - yes, we went back on the same day every year - bearable.

You Got To Pick Out New Folders

When I was in elementary school in the late 80s, it was a well known fact that if you didn't have Lisa Frank folders, you were going nowhere fast. My mom always tried to pick out the $.13 plain paper folders but I set her straight about the importance of setting the tone for your school year with an assortment of folders that really exemplified your personality.

Lisa Frank

You Got a New Look

No matter who cut my bangs, they were always crooked. By sixth grade, I knew they had to go and I was mature enough to tell my parents how I wanted to wear my hair - long, straight, sans bangs. Don't even get me started on my year-long struggle to grow those suckers out. You probably won't find any photos of me from this period. Thank you to whoever invented the straightening iron. Straightening hair with a curling iron never did work right. Anyway, it was a time to get an ultimate make-over every August.

Brand X Pictures

Your Parents Bought You New Kicks

The more blisters, the better. When I got older it was Reeboks and then Nikes. New shoes are the quintessential back-to-school item. Parents: do not go cheapo on this item!


Return of Your Favorite Thursday Night TV Shows

I wouldn't have made it without the Tanner family, Clarissa or Dawson and his gang to get me through the week. Even now, I'm certain that Grey's Anatomy runs on Thursday night so you have something to look forward to throughout the week and you get just enough of a rush to push you through your Friday. Luckily, after a summer of game shows and daytime dramas, all my favorite shows would find their way back to the tube. BONUS: Saved By the Bell on Saturday morning!

Sony Television

You Got to See Your Friends Again

Okay, the best and real reason we could make it through those first grueling days was because of friends. I loved seeing them after a long summer. From middle-school on, we'd always have a sleep-over on Friday or Saturday of the first week to celebrate our triumphant return.

I wouldn't have made it through school without these guys! 10 Year High School Reunion - facebook

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