- by Jackie McCarthy

As a child I went fishing in my Granddad's lake on his farm with my family. I would start the adventure with hopes of the biggest fish! Every time my patience paid off with a small sunfish, more commonly known as a Crappie. (Before I knew the pronunciation, I thought this name was appropriate). Meanwhile, my cousins would catch small catfish on their cane poles. My fish was pitifully small in comparison, but sure put up a valiant fight!  The anticipation was so exciting, feeling the tug on the line and then the struggle. You recall I was a child so I did think it was a struggle. The whiskered cat fish seemed lazy next to my feisty catch.

What I wonder now is, how did I always attract the sunfish? I choose to believe that it was sheer skill! I was a natural at Crappie fishing and just didn't know.  So focused was I on the large fish, I missed the value of the fish I actually caught.  Isn't that just like life? Sometimes that elusive dream we chase keeps us from seeing the value of what is already in our grasp.

Are You an Avid Fisherman? Join us for The Southwestern Indiana Bass Classic


The Southwestern Indiana Bass Classic presented by Coors, is finally upon us. We’d love to invite you out to the Angel Mound Boat Ramp on Saturday, September 20th to watch the anglers battle for the ultimate bass — and the grand prize of $1,000.
Dozens of anglers will descend on the Ohio River to try to snag that big bass and get big payouts in the process. Register now! It’s $100 per boat with a max of 2 anglers per boat.

The fun begins at 7am with the weigh in at 3pm. We’ll see you out there!


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