As I watched football over the weekend, I saw a few new funny commercials from smartphone maker, Motorola that featured an actor portraying a "lazy phone" in an effort to highlight all the fancy tricks their new Moto X can do compared to other smartphones on the market. I knew the lazy phone guy looked familiar, but I couldn't place his name. After a quick trip down the information super highway (does anyone call it that anymore?), I found my answer.

T.J. Miller Stars as the Lazy Smartphone in New Motorola Ad Campaign
"Lazy Smartphone Guy" T.J. Miller (Angela Weiss/Getty Images)

The guy in question is actor / comedian T.J. Miller. I had remembered seeing him on the one episode of Comedy Central's The Jeselnik Offensive I've watched, so I started my search on the network's website. Fortunately, they had a photo of him front and center on the Jeselnik page so my search didn't take long.

Outside of his apparently regular appearances on Jeselnik, Miller has kept himself busy in the world of film and television over the past five years having appeared in the alien invasion flick, Cloverfield, 2010's She's Out of My League, and Get Him to the Greek with Jonah Hill and Russell Brand.

Miller has also lent his voice to a number of animated movies and shows, including the role of Tuffnut in How to Train Your Dragon, its TV spinoff, Dragons: Riders of Berk, and the upcoming sequel, How to Train Your Dragon 2. If you have little kids who watch nothing but Disney Channel every waking hour of the day, you may recognize Miller's role as Robbie on Gravity Falls. 

Upcoming projects include another animated featured called Hell & Back, and a role in the new Transformers sequel, Age of Extinction, currently filming. Check out T.J.'s complete resumé at

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