How do you pay tribute to a guy with man-parts made of steel after he plummeted 24 miles to the ground on purpose? You re-create the phenomenal feat with Lego's, of course!

As you know by now, adrenaline-junkie, Felix Baumgartner made every other male on the planet feel inferior by skydiving from the edge of space over the weekend. Decked out in full astronaut gear, Baumgartner stood on the edge of his space-pod-contraption, looked out over Earth's horizon, and took one small step for man, one, oh-my-God-I-should-have-brought-a-change-of-underwear, four-minute free fall for mankind.

Looking to capitalize on the popularity of the historic fall and bring attention to their upcoming event, an ad agency representing the upcoming Model Maker Fair in Vienna, Austria, used everyone's favorite building blocks to pay homage to Baumgartner's stunt complete with various camera angles, radio chatter from the ground crew, and a dramatic soundtrack. And while Lego Baumgartner didn't quite stick the landing like his human doppelganger, he became an instant inspiration for Lego men and women everywhere.