Early this morning, FBI agents along with agents from the Department of Homeland Security descended on Evansville's IHOP restaurant on Burkhardt Road in what has been described by the Evansville Courier & Press as part of an investigation that includes a total of seven restaurants in two states, including several in the Toledo, Ohio area.

The reason for the investigation was not disclosed by the agents conducting the search. However Evansville Watch provided a link from Toledo television station WTOL's website on their Facebook page in which a source with the Toledo Police Department says the investigation is linked to suspicion of money laundering and possible undocumented workers. The source went on to say there may be allegations of terriorism, but officials from IHOP who have been in constant contact with authorities throughout the investigation have told reporters from both Evansville and Toledo that it is their understanding from the agencies involved that there are no terrorism links.

All seven restaurants involved are owned by Terry Elks who resides in the Toledo area. Evansville TV station, WFIE has confirmed that Elks real name is Tarek Elkafrawi who has been cooperating with authorities conducting the investigation.

WFIE updated their website at 3:28pm to report that the Evansville location has re-opened although the FBI investigation is still ongoing.

Here's my question, even though the FBI hasn't released details as to why the raid took place, will you revisit IHOP or wait until results of the investigation are made public?

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