Weather fascinates me. When Wayne Hart is on TV telling me I need to get to the safe area of my house, I'd rather stand by the window and watch the storm roll in. There's something about the sheer power a storm is capable generating that I just can't take my eyes off of. If you're like me, you're just the person the National Weather Service in Paducah is looking for!

The Service, who tracks weather systems for the entire Tri-State area, is offering several spotter training sessions throughout the remainder of January as well as the months of February and March both online and at various locations around the area.

Classes are available for free, and attendees will learn how to "identify and report key severe weather features." Instructors will include photos and videos "of recent violent tornadoes, storm damage, flash floods, hailstorms, and downbursts" as part of each class.

Classes offered in January, February, and March are known as "Spotters Concepts" classes and are two hours in length. More in depth, "Elite Spotter Workshops" will be available in April and last between three and four hours.

Visit the National Weather Service website for the complete list of dates and times the classes are being offered, along with information on how to sign up.

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